Esenz Datalogger’s provides you a single solution to capture the data from different assets of your power plants via MODBUS RS485 and monitor the same remotely using our intuitive and user friendly dashboard.

Specifications & Features
• Suitable for ON-Grid, Off-grid and Hybrid Systems.
• Scalable and Fits to any capacity KW-MW.
• Connect Different makes of inverters, Sensors and meters in a single Logger.
• Supports Multiple RS485 devices like Inverters, Transformers, Annunciators, Wind turbines, Hydro power generators and many more.
• Supports Different inverter models in the same esenz device.


Esenz power limiter’s sophisticated and smart design offers you Both control and Monitoring functionality to be used to prevent reverse power into the Grid, functioning as as Zero export and also as a PV -DG synchronizer .


Esenz power limiter monitors the DG’s real-time data and accordingly control the Solar Generation while running with DG, seamlessly maintaining DG sets spinning reserve.Helping you to cater the Load with maximum solar power and minimum DG usage.

Specifications & Features
• Optimize the solar generation.
• Protects Reverse Power to DG from Solar.
• Huge Cost Saving by Reducing the Fuel Consumption of DG sets.


Esenz power limiter Seamlessly monitors the load Data and controls the solar inverters generations according to the load consumption, on real time basis. Hence curtailing the Power and preventing Reverse power/back feeding of excess solar Power into the grid.

Specifications & Features
• Inbuilt monitoring .
• Optimize the Solar Generation, prevents back feeding into the grid.
• Helps you curtail power on the days when the Load is less than usual.
• Avoid penalties or Generation loss at Site where Net Metering Is Not available or Pending for Approval.


Esenz Airlink is a Wireless transceiver, which transmits and receives the MODBUS data on the real-time basis enabling you to monitor and Control the Connected Devices Without Wiring.

Specifications & Features
• Master Slave Functionality with a A fail-safe mode in case of connectivity failure with Master.
• Save Wiring cost and time, at the sites where Wiring Distance is Higher or uneconomical.
• Wireless, Relay tripping Signal to MCCB.
• Upto 1km range ( With Clear LINE of sight).
• License free bandwidth.
• Reliable Solution for sites having Electrical noise Issue in communication line.